In the Hour Before Dawn

December 2017 Snow

In this hour before dawn, it’s still snowing in Atlanta. This is the first snow in 23 years that really reminds me of New York. It is absolutely beautiful outside!

The power came back on in the middle of the night. As I walked around the house, putting candles back, I said a prayer of gratitude. We have a lovely little home with all the essentials available to us – even in an emergency. Blankets, wood for a fire, candles, games that were played by candlelight. Our loved ones were safe and our biggest concern was the ice cream that would melt (so we ate it). We are blessed and grateful.

Then I turned my phone back on and read the following post from my son, Danny. “Can anyone in Marietta open their door and heart to keep a gentleman off the street tonight? I would take him in but my dog would flip out, he’s a good honest man and no one deserves to be without shelter tonight.” One of Danny’s friends quickly stepped up and said yes.

And I remembered the story my daughter, Meghan, told the other day when she had a flat tire and was waiting on Geico to arrive. An employee of the restaurant she was stuck in front of came out and changed her tire. In gratitude, she gave him $20 to which he replied, “Thanks, I’d like to use this to buy dinner for someone here tonight.”

In this world where an incredible amount of attention is paid to what is wrong, there is so much more that is right. My deepest desire is that we all take time to recognize that – often. Recognize it, talk about it, write about it – share those stories instead of the ones we don’t want to read. The story is changing – so what role will you play?

For me, at this moment, I am grateful to be the Mom of children who recognize the importance of paying it forward. Yes, grateful for that and for candles, blankets, Yahtzee, Scrabble and ice cream that didn’t get a chance to melt.

Maybe we’ll build a snowman today. Be safe, be warm, be kind.

From my heart to yours, Diane

Maple dressed in Snow

(The same maple in the morning light)



Through These Eyes

When I look out upon the world there is much duality: right/wrong, life/death, dark/light. It’s the lens through which we see our lives. On this plane, duality does exist and, in my opinion, it’s ridiculous to ignore it. Just look around. Hatred has been rearing it’s ugly head for a long time now even while love is the language many of us try to speak. Poverty is everywhere and appears to be getting worse even while we talk about those who make millions and keep it to themselves. Duality creates a challenging world – a world in which there seems to be no true solution.
The world I look out upon changes dramatically when I look through the eyes of God. Through these eyes there is no duality. There is nothing but pure understanding that everything is happening exactly as it is meant to. I see the world in it’s ever-changing pattern and begin to understand that in all of what I see only one thing exists. As I look through the eyes of God, I no longer see anything as a problem or a solution. When I look through this different lens, the world looks and behaves differently. What I experience, while very real on the human plane, no longer disturbs me. Every time I open my eyes to the Spirit that lives and breathes as me, my world become miraculous. Only good exists through these eyes.
Each step along this path brings me closer to this understanding. In my fully human state, mistakes are made, words are said that I wish to pull back and decisions made that, maybe, will have bitter consequences. In my fully spiritual state, these same things become lessons recognized and I take a step forward knowing that I am one step closer to fully seeing this world through God’s eyes.
A world in which duality isn’t even a word.
From my heart to yours, Diane

I am Right Here

November 12th would have been my Mom’s 93rd birthday. In Dec 1993, a couple days after she died, I was looking through her photo albums. In my sorrow I was searching for something. I wasn’t sure what, but the search through her photos was almost a feeling of desperation. For days I had been focused on the details and this felt like one more of those that I just had to figure out.

After months of caring for her physical body and having mostly care-related conversations, I wanted more than anything to have her back for just a few minutes so I could tell her how much I still needed her.

On the very last page of a very full photo album, there was one lone picture placed carefully in the center of the page.

This one.

and I finally cried.

 Me and Mom

Angels All Around

car-1840259_1920I was driving home last night from a meeting and stopped at a traffic light. A car drove up along side me and the man was waving, trying to get my attention. At first I ignored him because it was late, dark and I was alone in my car. However, he persisted in trying to get my attention so I cautiously rolled down my window a little. He apologized for bothering me but wanted to let me know that I had no tail lights. He had been behind me for a while but didn’t see my car until I hit my brakes at a prior intersection.  I was so taken aback!  I had just driven a good 6-7 miles with no tail lights and no trouble indicator light had come on inside my car!

The concern for my safety was so evident in this man’s eyes and face as he told me how he followed me so no one would hit me. I thanked him and began to fumble around trying to figure out why this had happened and trying to find the button for my emergency lights. When I turned them on, I looked up to thank him and he gave me a huge smile and a thumbs up and drove away.

Gratitude!  We live in a time where we often ignore strangers, where we hesitate to respond to requests for help because, well, “you never know” who this person might really be. Bullying, fear, angry, and sometimes violent, responses are all around us and it causes us to put fear before kindness. So, yes, I am grateful for this experience. Grateful for this angel that took the time to protect a stranger. Grateful for the Spirit within me that said to roll down your window and trust. Grateful that I figured out how to use my emergency lights to get myself safely home. Grateful that my lights are now working again.

Yes, there are always angels among us. We simply need to begin to trust again. How will you show up today?

From my heart to yours, Diane

A Life of Substance


In order to have a Spirit-centered life, you have to allow Spirit into your life. A negative thought, feeling, reaction, or word simply prevents that from happening. You are literally closing the door on allowing Spirit/God to enter into your Soul.

To have a life that has substance, you must eliminate any trace of negativity. This doesn’t mean that you allow that which is evil or hurtful to pass through you without reaction. It means that when something other than Love appears in your life, you recognize that beyond what you see with your human eyes, Love is still there. Knowing this is true of all things, the action you take is different. You act from a place of knowing that everything is a call for Love. Everything.

So your mission for today, should you choose to accept it, is to drop every negative thought, word, or deed before it has a chance to fully form. Make an actual choice to see Love at the heart of everything and everyone.

From my heart to yours, Diane

Shall We Dance?

Deanna Spirit Dancer

In her book, “Prayer and Meditation, A Passport into Paradise”, Ugie Kirkpatrick, speaks about prayer as a place of grace. “Prayer brings that relief that is so greatly needed in order for us to live.” A place where “God’s grace meets us”.

I love thinking of meditation as a way to bring me to God’s grace. Spending time in this space is gentle and soft and I feel safe and protected. In God’s grace I can release all of me and become that grace.

From my heart to yours, Diane



Yesterday I had two heartfelt conversations about people and how we react to the things they have “done” to us. One spoke about being slighted by a loyal friend whose words, while unintentional, were hurtful.  The other was a discussion about the horrors of the Holocaust and the impact one man had on the entire planet. While unrelated in content to the “Me, too” trend currently appearing throughout SM, the timing of these conversations and this trend is interesting.
This is hard. There is no manual or guidebook that makes it easy to forgive people for the stupid, painful, cruel things they say or do. There is no easy way to forgive someone who has done something so horrific it takes your breath (and part of your life or the life of someone else) away. It is easier to hate these people for what they have done and easier to find the words to describe that hatred. Yes, it is hard and many of us can’t understand the idea of forgiveness in these situations. 
Yet, each of us is Divine. Each of us is the same – one and the same with the Spirit that guides everything. Beneath the horror, the perceived evil, the unkind words or thoughts, God lives. If this is true (and many of you, when injured, begin to doubt it) how can God “allow” these things to happen? 
Spirit is in each of us. Always. What we see on the surface is the result of individual experience and individual choice. Choice is, indeed, something we were given. Remember – we are ALL made in the image and likeness. This includes choice. At any moment, we can choose something that will cause us to step off our personal path – to step outside “ourselves”. These things can change the human self dramatically causing us to do things that confound us and those around us. How many times in your life have you said “What was I thinking?” or “What was he/she/they thinking?”  In these moments we have stepped off our path and we have a choice on how to move forward. A choice that may change our human lives forever.
It cannot change our Divinity. That is what is so hard to understand. What you see on the outside is only the illusion created by the missteps we take along our path. It is our human self – the self that God has given us the free will to design. Beneath it all, however, Spirit is still there patiently, quietly waiting. It is recognized in the whisper of “What was I thinking”. It is peacefully surrounding you in love. You feel it. You know that within you there is something special. It is waiting for you to step back on the path and to bring your soul back into alignment with the spirit that created it. Waiting, peacefully, for you to recognize that this same Divinity that exists in you, exists everywhere.
Everywhere. No exceptions.  This is where I start.
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:24 .   
From my heart to yours, Diane

So Much Braver

So much braver

Yes, it’s been awhile. I needed (and still do, I think) a hiatus from writing. Needed a break because forced words are empty words. I will get back to writing more consistently as I get myself centered as to where I want all this to go. But, for now, I have been spending a lot of time in the silence.  

Space. Time to observe the world. Time to reflect on what my eyes see, my ears hear and, most importantly, my heart is telling me. In the space created by the silence, I sit and find peace. I sit and recognize that Spirit is speaking softly to my soul. Telling me to continue to do this work. Continue to be the vessel that says stay soft, stays focused on love, calling it out when it is not being shown.

Oh, how I find I still have much to learn about this human realm!  How does it fit into the scope of the Universal Source? So much of the world appears to be in turmoil. Fear seems to be rippling through the air and the waters. But so is love! So much stronger is the light than the darkness. So much braver is the helping hand than the fist. Why can’t everyone see this? What is the purpose of all “this”??  My questions are sometimes painful for me to even ask because I know that, yes, there is so much more to learn. I return to the silence, clear the words from my mind and focus on what I know will bring me peace. I breathe in God and I breathe out love. I return to kindness. I return to love.

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the relinquishment—or unlearning—of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts. Love is the essential existential fact. It is our ultimate reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life.”  Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

Darkness cannot survive in a world where the words of love are spoken. This is the work I will continue to do.

My prayer is that you will guided to do the same.

From my heart to yours, Diane

What Will You Do Now?


I have much on my mind this morning. As I opened my personal Facebook page to write my thought for the day, I was struck hard by the cover photo I changed yesterday morning. In the midst of everything going on, there are people who matter who feel alone, others are struggling with health issues, and many are dealing with storm damage and loss from the recent hurricanes. In the last several days I have learned of the passing of three more souls.


The thought of being of service to humanity can be, and is, overwhelming at times. If only all souls could feel loved at all times whether someone is speaking the words or not. If only there were five of me so that I could be in those five places to help with the clean up. If only I could sit by the side of each person feeling loss or going through chemo or seeing four health care professionals in one day.

I can’t but we all can. We can all do better, We can all do a little more. And we can all pray.

I won’t wallow in what I can’t do – that party has ended. I will do what I can, when I can, with what I can. I will stay centered in the knowing that in every area of every life, God exists. And that God is always willing, always able and always available. Always and in all ways.

Do what you can, when you can, with what you can and do it through the light of God.

From my heart to yours, Diane