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This moment is where we make a difference. In your life, in the lives we touch, in the things we do. This moment is where the world begins to change. With one word, one thought, one smile, one nod of understanding. It starts within each of us.

As my fingers touch the keys they take on a life of their own. I need do very little except relax into it. This journey is one that needs to be shared. Doesn’t matter that I am an introvert. Doesn’t matter that I have no clue if what I write will matter to you. Doesn’t matter that I wonder at how I’ll find the time. This is what I need to do.


So, who am I?  The stats: Married to the rock that is my soul mate. Together we managed to raise two very cool kids that are now very cool adults. There are two cats in our house and two grand-dogs that come to visit (to annoy the cats). My day job is a labor of love with a lot of hard work thrown in: I direct the operations of a vibrant, active, love-filled spiritual community.  In the spare moments of my life, I am a writer.  Writing is what soothes me, inspires me and helps me to clarify who I am.

Who am I, really?   In my teens I began to ask the question “How can we be so naive to think that we are IT?”  This question started me on a life long journey of learning to understand my place in the Universe. What I have learned in the decades since that time is as simple as it is complex: I am but a cell in the body of the Infinite.  On this plane, however,  I am simply learning to live in this moment.  Always changing, always questioning, always learning.  Simple, yet complex.

Join me, if you can. Perhaps together we will make a difference.

From my heart to yours, Diane

(Most of the photos on this site are mine or from friends. From time to time I will use Pixabay)


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