I’m Taking a Different Direction

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Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com

I have been spending these early morning hours reviewing the videos from my Metaphysics class trying to understand, more deeply, these lessons of the meaning beneath the words we have been given throughout time. As with most things, I hear things differently the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) time around.

I stopped the video following a discussion of collective consciousness – a belief held as truth by a group/society of people that manifests as reality in this human realm. Now, I have used this term when I have spoken about how collective prayer helps to change the course of my brothers’ struggle with pulmonary fibrosis. So I probably have not been using it correctly, but it really doesn’t matter in the “big picture” world because, no matter the label, collective prayer works. For those that join me in that prayer model, it is a collective consciousness that will (or has) become a part of our “collective gene-pool”.
But, let me take a turn in a different direction based on the dialogue I just re-visited. During the class, a woman shared a wonderful (albeit disturbing) study about a rat that was exposed to the scent of cherry blossoms and was shocked every time. Generations later, when exposed to the same scent, her great, great grandchildren had a fear reaction. Disturbing, yes, but fascinating nonetheless. Collective consciousness down through the ages.
Let me make this personal.
My mother had mesothelioma (cancer of lining of lung)
My brother, Phil, had idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
My brother, Charlie, has familial pulmonary fibrosis
(Prior to these three incidences, we can find no history of life-threatening lung disease)
Just the idea of this being hereditary is enough to make a strong argument that descendants of our family will live in fear of having some form of life-threatening lung disease. After all, our collective consciousness has proof of that fact.
Or does it?
I choose to believe that – at any moment – one person, one thought, one Divine idea, can change the course of history. Actually, that’s not the truth. I don’t believe it.
I know it.
I live it.
I breathe it.
And here is why. Within each of us the God that is pure perfection lives. It is who I am. Always and in All Ways. And when I ask you to pray with me, this is the place that we pray from. Within this infinite space of peace, not a negative thought exists.
And that is how we change history – both our personally and collectively (because really its all the same). We know it, we live it, we breathe it.
From my heart to yours, Diane

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