Sit Peacefully


Yes, January 2019 has been a tough month for my family. Some of what occurred I humanly wish I could reverse because it was very difficult to move through. No matter who you are, you experience times like this.

In the end, I am grateful for all of it.

I am grateful for this spiritual journey that I have been on that has provided me with the tools to experience things differently. I am grateful for the deeper connection within my family that has been created through the physical and emotional pain we have all experienced.

What I have learned on my journey with the God of my understanding is that what we perceive as humans – the pain and the heartache – is there to remind us to look deeper.

Take a breath in the midst of trauma and you will literally feel the activation of Spirit. Breathe again and you can feel that sweet peace permeate the cells of your body. Breathe again and you will find yourself being guided to answers you never could have imagined possible.

Sit peacefully, sweet one. Sit peacefully in the knowing that the answers are there if you quietly listen.

In gratitude and love, Diane

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