Which Way Are You Spinning?

photo by pcdazero courtesy of Pixabay.com

This human life journey you are on is amazing in so many aspects if you pay attention to it. There is so much more to our existence than what you can see, feel, touch, hear and taste. If you go from birth to death without acknowledging the wonder beneath these senses (the human self), without being excited to explore the why of every perceived challenge, without listening to what your heart is telling you, then, I sincerely believe, you will live a life of disappointment and pain.

My belief is that we are perfect. We were not born “in sin”, we were born as the perfect manifestation of God.  Perfection is the given. It is who we are at all times, no matter what the ego/human mind perceives. Perfection is our certainty. It is how we are meant to live. Within each of us, God lives and breathes, waiting patiently to be acknowledged as the truth of who we are.

But we are also human and sin is our doubt. Our doubt separates us from our Christ/God self, causing us to question the validity of our very Perfection.  Truly a paradox, we can be led farther and farther away from who we are. We can become trapped in a vortex that spirals downward. Left to spin out of control, it becomes tighter and tighter and it can become more and more difficult to release the pain that we, ourselves, created.

But we always have a choice. At any moment, we can refocus our thoughts and catch glimpses of our perfection. Locking onto that thought allows the vortex to change direction and slowly unwind, releasing its grip and the pain it has caused. As it begins to spin upward, we find our way back to who we are, pure Perfection. Certainty. Truth. It’s always there. It’s always who we truly are. We simply need to refocus and then, stay focused.

“Sin, evil, Satan and the devil only have the power that we give to them collectively and individually; when we withdraw the power, they will cease to exist.”  Paul Hasselback, Heart-Centered Metaphysics 

It’s important to explore this, to begin to understand what is occurring beneath the surface of our human self.  You are meant to be fulfilled. You are meant to live a Divine Life. Allow your curiosity to bring you to the place of Peace that is the guiding force beneath all that we know.

From my heart to yours,  Diane



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