Still Stumbling…

01461fd9894a0caf6c3085aed06d98f4fba8113db2Have you ever noticed how your heart begins to close and then harden when you think your life is taking a nose dive? Everything begins to get a little grey, a little dark.

It’s amazing what happens when you pull yourself out of that spiral and change the way you think. I’ve been talking and writing about it for years and many of you already know it to be true. Thousands of books and articles have been written and talks given on the subject. Yet, you still stumble, don’t you?

It’s okay.

It’s actually exciting. When you realize that life has gotten better simply because you began to see and think it differently, it really is exciting. And very much okay! Forget the “go with the flow” crap. That will work for about a minute. You need to take control.

Take control of your thoughts. Have someone remind you. Listen to the thoughts in your head that will inevitably yell reminders at you. Read one of those books on your shelf or watch one of those TedTalks you saved. Begin to think and see, act and feel that all is well. Change the words in your head and your heart will begin to open.

That little re-opening of your heart will begin to re-color your world.

Trust me, I know…

From my heart to yours, Diane
(and the photo of Turbo and Lucy is just because they’re adorable. Come on, you know they are…❤️)

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