I Stumble Often

learn to dance

Along this spiritual path, that meanders and sharply turns, I stumble often. I’ve spoken of this before and was recently asked what that looks like for me.

If I get stuck in the physical (human) pain that I’m experiencing, it feels somewhat like a broken record (remember those?) that keeps repeating itself. It takes a moment (days, weeks, years?) to realize that, as sad as it may make me feel, the broken record is not worth fixing. I can sit and listen to it over and over again, take it off the turntable and mourn it’s silence or I can play a new song.

It’s hard to share something that, in the human realm, feels like failing. It feels like “I know better than to allow this to happen” or “I know better than to focus on what is making me physically (or emotionally) hurt”. I know better, but it doesn’t matter because I do get stuck here sometimes anyway. This is the stumbling.

But on the other side of the veil, in the spiritual realm, it is a reminder that there is something to be done. There, it’s more peaceful and answers come more easily. Patience and understanding surround me every step of the way. I simply need to lift the phonograph needle and look for a new song.

Yes, sweet friends, it’s time to play a new song and learn to dance again. Will you join me?

From my heart to yours, Diane

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