Do Something

If you love a child

I’m thinking about children lately. As a reminder, this is not a political space. It is a peaceful one. So I come here as a Mom. Nothing more, nothing less. Please honor that.

Yesterday I was observing some children at play and the laughter, silliness and curiosity that is indicative of the lives that many children lead was wonderful to watch. In this world, I know that is not always the case. There are many factors that influence children and their growth. It is definitely not an easy world in which we live and our discord is reflected, often, in our children’s behavior.

As parents it is our responsibility to protect all children. It is our responsibility to protect children of parents in turmoil because of health, drugs, environment, and, yes, even government.

As a young teen in the late 60’s I remember the children of Biafra. It was my first experience of witnessing children separated from their families (many of the parents killed during the Nigerian Civil War) and what a government allowed to happen to those children. I cried in utter frustration and absolute fear that anything like this could happen in our world. I knew about other instances of this but had not personally been a part of an era where it was playing out before my eyes. The images have never left me.

I thought – I really believed – that we were better than that. I never, ever imagined that we would allow anything even remotely like that to happen here. I never, ever imagined that we, who have internationally fought for the rights of children, would allow this to happen here.

If you love a child, do something.

From my heart to yours, Diane

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