Seeing through the Mist

Misty Mountain!

“Only when a person is in touch with compassion, love and mercy, is kind and other-centered, is the inner life really possible.” Wayne Teasdale, The Mystic Heart.

Earlier in that reading, he quoted Mother Teresa as saying (when asked why she is able to care for the sick and dying on the streets of Calcutta), “I realized a long time ago that I had a Hitler within me.”

Our life consists of small, critical decisions. Decisions that can quickly redirect our lives. A split-second of self-absorbed anger can change the trajectory of history – personal or global. Recognizing this and understanding what it means is, indeed, half the battle. Learning that love and compassion are the keys to eternal life – that they are the definition of consciousness – is the other half.

Love and compassion (God, Spirit, Universe, Consciousness, Atman…) exist regardless of what appears before our human eyes. My belief is that, in all situations, the Universe desires for each of us to stand with arms wide open, accepting, available, and willing to see things differently. 

Yes, taking my head from the clouds and seeing through the mist, I begin to see the truth that lies within me. For a moment, compassion for the journey enfolds me showing me what it means to love fully always and in all ways.

So I rise, once again, and stand with arms…and eyes…wide open.

From my heart to yours,  Diane



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