In Spirit’s Soul


“Sweet Spirit, what is mine to do today?”

In the early morning hours of each waking day, I ask myself this question. What is mine to do?  God, please think through me, speak through me, act through me.  I am Divine and my deepest desire is to activate that Divinity so that what is within shines brightly in every thing I do.

It takes work. In my humanness, I forget who I really am, who I came here to be. So this simple reminder guides me. I tend to take an extra cleansing breath as I say the words. That breath, taken throughout the day as the words come back to me, brings me back to center, where I sit safely and warmly in Spirit’s Soul.

Spirit’s Soul.  As I rise up from that sacred and beautiful place, the world around me has changed. I am whole again.

I look through the window and I see differently now. The birds are singing more brightly, the trees are dancing causing the sunlight to dance across my floor. My words now come from my heart – gently spoken and filled with kindness.

Spirit’s Soul. I am at peace now in this space.

Oh, yes, I am grateful, so very, very grateful.

From my heart to yours, Diane





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