Through God’s Eyes

pexels-photo-164018.jpeg“Oh my Soul you come and you go through the paths of time and space. In useless play you’ll not find the way, so set your course and go.” Snatum Kaur

As I delve deeper into this work of understanding my place in the Universe I am beginning to recognize when I am about to make a “breakthrough”. I tend to slip back into the old world of living in my head, of analyzing things to the point of near collapse. The Virgo traits that keep me focused begin to work overtime and I become stuck. And then, a thought slips through that says,

Take a breath.

Yes, I forgot for a minute.  I begin to feel this human shell vibrate, releasing the pent up energy that too much thought instills in me. I sit in the silence more at these times, knowing that a better understanding is there if I just


A new direction, a new skill, a new understanding is waiting to be unwrapped. Given to me only when I’m ready to receive it.  The balance between this human life and the spiritual world from which I came is beginning to tip.  I am beginning to see myself through

God’s eyes.

The excitement within me that this realization creates is just as overwhelming as the human thoughts that trapped me for awhile. And therein lies the difference. On this side of the scale I don’t feel trapped. I feel


Oh, my Soul…

From my heart to yours, Diane


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