It All Works

pexels-photo-1047896.jpegThe same Spirit that resides in me, resides in you. Yet it lives there differently. It sees the world through your ‘eyes’, not mine. The lesson to be taught and learned is, therefore, done so differently. The lesson I am learning is being given to me as I am ready to receive it. The same is true for you.
Each of us has so much to learn and, sometimes, we become so excited that we think everyone needs to know this, to live like this! We want to bring everyone into our wondrous space so they, too, can experience this magic. We become shocked and disappointed when those we think “need it most” close their eyes and walk away.
It is your path. Your life. Your journey. Your beliefs. It all works for you. This is what makes you the unique being that you are. I, too, have a path, a life, a journey and beliefs – and it all works for me. It’s what make me, me. Please honor that as I honor you.
Let’s be at peace with each other.
From my heart to yours, Diane

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