What an Amazing World!



Dan and I were cleaning out winter growth in our backyard yesterday and I nearly pulled this nest out of the rose bushes!!!!

brown thrasher nest

Yesterday’s experience with these newborn brown thrashers (that I very nearly knocked from their nest) has stayed with me. Mama and Papa have been staying with their newborns and I wonder if the other egg has hatched yet. I hope so and I hope they are all doing okay.

After that experience, Dan and I sat outside quietly watching as mama settled in her nest, rustling the rose bushes. We spoke about it throughout the day, checking to make sure all was well, concerned that the balance of nature had been disturbed. From the beautiful singing, I think all is fine and I’m grateful.

Dan has created a bird sanctuary in our backyard with feeders in the trees. Watching so many varieties come and go, we joked recently that our backyard is a pit stop for every bird making it’s way north. Some patiently wait for friends to finish eating, while others have no patience and will push their way in. When a crow lands in the yard it gets amazingly quiet very quickly and when it leaves the noise is almost deafening – as if they had all been holding their breath.

Often during my morning meditation/writing routine I will hear the birds begin to wake as the sun begins to rise. Lately, however, I have heard singing outside our window well before then. I now realize it was our Mama and Papa Thrashers. Have they been keeping predators from their eggs? I think maybe so.

Step outside and sit for awhile. There is an amazing world in the trees.

From my heart to yours, Diane

(sketch courtesy of Pixabay)



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