I Should Probably Delete That…


“Things become better because of you” Deepak Chopra

This will become my new mantra.

Lately, I have been trying to see things through through the eyes and hearts of others. Trying to get a clearer understanding of different perspectives. This is important, I think, for my growth – spiritually, professionally, and “humanly”. While I don’t always like or agree with what I’m understanding, it’s important nonetheless.

It would be a lie to say that I do this just to learn something. What I really want sometimes is to understand so I can change. And here’s the hard part to admit: I don’t necessarily want to change me, I want to change you.

Okay. I should probably delete that.

Nah…let’s be honest, here, we all do this. We all want to bring folks around to our side. See things through our eyes and admit we have a better way. That’s being honest. Painful to admit, but honest.

But let’s take that honesty a little further. It doesn’t work. It only causes heartache and despair, frustration and anger. It is not my job to change anyone. Understand someone, absolutely. Change them, never.

“Things become better because of You not because of externals.” Deepak was saying that you have a decision to make every time you have a thought about something. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so how are you perceiving what you hear, see, feel, think?

If you are perceiving someone as wrong simply because what they are saying doesn’t match your “truth” then, my dear friends, you will continue to live from a place of frustration and despair. If, instead, you can see someone who is on a path/journey/life that is a bit different than yours and, as a result, what you each experience is different, well, then you are better able to accept those differences without disrupting the love you share. Please take a moment to understand this.

Let’s stop trying to make everyone see things our way and begin to change the way we see things.

From my heart to yours,

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