What Connects Us


You thought I forgot, didn’t you? My morning started a little shaky so I had to take a break and….

Breathe. Recenter. Breathe, again.

Yes, the most important aspect of a spiritual practice is something we take for granted. The breath.

This bodily function that we can’t live without, that we rarely notice, is the one action that can bring us an inner peace that, once experienced, never leaves us.

Nearly every person who leads or teaches a meditation starts with asking you to take a breath. Focusing your attention here, it circulates through your body, and, slowly, you relax.

Are you focusing on your breath as you read this?

Good. Continue.

Each breath that you take in has within in it everything you need to bring peace to your life. This one breath contains the history of the planet. Every exhale releases a bit of you into that history.

This is how I know we are all One. This one act, that we take for granted, is the one act that connects us all. The air I breathe, is the air you breathe. The breath I release combines with the breath you release.…and we begin again.

One breath.


From my heart to yours, Diane

(photo courtesy of Pixabay)

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