Practice, Practice, Practice


The second most important aspect of a spiritual life is learning to be still. Many of us spend lifetimes learning how to do this. We live in a noisy world and that noisy world fills the mind. Lifetimes spent trying to sort it all out. Finding the quiet within takes practice. Lots and lots of practice.
I am sure most of you, as children, took piano/guitar/drum/something lessons. Others spent hours and hours on a ball field. All of us, at some point or another, spent many hours practicing to improve. The same is true of meditation. But YOU have to want to do it. Your mom and dad aren’t here nudging/pushing/forcing you to do it.
But I am.
Go ahead. Find a quiet spot to sit and be still. Yes, now.
Once you’re comfortable, ask your thoughts to give you a few minutes alone. You may be amazed at what happens when you ask.
Sit quietly for 5 minutes. That’s all. Just 5 short minutes…….and then come back here…. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
That wasn’t so difficult, was it? Tomorrow you can do six minutes, and then…
Oh, oh wait! You want to know what THE most important aspect of a spiritual life is??? Ooohhhh……well –
Come back tomorrow. 🙂
From my heart to yours, Diane
(photo courtesy of Pixabay)

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