Me, First


I am putting me first.

Like so many of you, I spend my days caring for other. Spending days, weeks, years trying to balance the Me of my Soul with the Me of my Mind. The scales always tipping one way or the other. Trying to balance my life so inefficiently that the weight on my shoulders overwhelms me at times. No wonder my neck and shoulders ache so often!!

So where is the essential me in this?

I’ve gotten lost in the act of trying desperately to keep either scale from crashing to the ground. So I am putting the scales down and standing peacefully in gratitude for every roadblock, obstacle, high point and low that has brought me here. I am grateful for the people that have shown me the way and those that have stood in the way. I am pleased with all I have done for others and I know that they are grateful as well. I am in awe of those that have given to me and will continue to be grateful for their existence in my life.

I will continue the journey of this lifetime caring for others. It is part of the essential Me. But it is time to put the scales down.  It’s time for my Soul/Mind to come together and  turn toward the Source that has been guiding me all along.

Yes, I am putting  the scales down. I am opening up my heart to….me.

From my heart to yours, Diane

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