Gurus and Cats

Turbo and Lucy – my feline gurus

A little late again this morning but it’s my day off and…

 -my cats woke me at 4 a.m. because they were hungry. (I’m calm about that now, but you should have seen me then…)

-since I was up I decided to clean the fridge

-it was so nice out, I sat outside (after the fridge cleaning) and watched the sun rise – a nice meditation

-I began reading a new book (presales available on Amazon and the author – hopefully – will be coming to UNA soon), “The Heartfulness Way”. More on this in a second.

-I went online to see clips from last night’s CNN special that I missed only to find headline after headline about the child who refused to participate. I’ll say no more on that.

Here it is almost 8 a.m. I think I see a nap in my future today.

In “The Heartfulness Way”, Kamlesh D. Patel (known as Daaji) says this:

“…the only kind of change that I find in myself pertains to whether there is more of me or less of me. Conversely, we can ask the question of whether there is more of God or less of God. You see, the more I am there, the less He is there, and the less of me there is, the more His presence manifests. It now becomes a question of being and non-being.”

Whenever there is more of me I tend to act as I did at 4 a.m. this morning. Lessons learned from gurus and cats.

From my heart to yours, Diane


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