Missteps Along the Way

sky-3149114_1920I continue to try to live this life from a place of peace. My kids and my husband will tell you that this has meant that I have walked away from drama at times. Other times, try as I might, I’ve been unable to maintain this course of “Buddha-like” behavior and have sent everyone’s world into a tailspin with rants that would make your jaw drop.
This is the journey of trying to live a spiritual life in a human body and I am, forever, trying to figure it out and do better. I have a long way to go – probably lifetimes. 😜
In spiritual conversations, we often talk about taking different paths up the mountain to “enlightenment”. It’s a precarious climb with many ditches, curves and smaller mountains to climb along the way. If you are not careful, one misstep can send you tumbling down the mountainside. How mindful you are (or aren’t) will determine how far you will fall.
Don’t turn around and walk away. Don’t rage at the obstacles before you. Be still. Refocus on the path ahead of you. Breathe in what you have learned, redirect your thoughts to the Source that is breathing you. Know that, by doing so, you will be guided by Spirit and your Soul will begin to dance along the path of opportunity.
From my heart to yours, Diane

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