I’m Working On It

cropped-img_0267.jpgMy thoughts this morning have been focused around how to remain at peace when so many (too many) things are occurring that are anything but peaceful.

Yes, I know, I write about it all the time. When friends are losing loved ones, friends are struggling with illness, kids are scared, family members are going through difficult times, the country is at odds and the world appears on the verge of…something… well, it’s overwhelming for just about anyone to continuously remain centered.

So I return to my practice of silence and breathe into that. I know that peace is there in that space and it will re-energize me if I allow it.

In order for me to continue the conversation, I need to be at peace.

I’m working on it. I hope you are as well because it is the only way the conversation can continue and the only way the work needed to be done can be accomplished.

From my heart to yours, Diane

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