…Until the Hate Disappears

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The other morning I was putting the finishing touches on an article I’ve been writing for a future issue of Conscious Life Journal. I am grateful for yet another opportunity to share my thoughts. However, this article was challenging as I was asked to write about what we do in our hours of despair. Where is Spirit/God in these times?

When I look around this planet, I, like you, cannot help but feel the anguish. Especially true in the aftermath of the killing that occurred at Parkland High School in Florida. (I will not use “shooting” because that is not what it was.) Prayers, comfort, policy change, mental health support…keep reading the memes and the comments. Only one thing will happen. Two weeks from now we will return to our safe, little corners of the planet and nothing will have changed.

I am a pacifist and that makes me vulnerable to all types of comments and lectures and so I usually keep quiet. I don’t believe putting guns on the street for the mentally ill to grab hold and say “Let me show you what it’s like to be me” serves any purpose other than showing us how serious the situation really is. I don’t think putting armed guards in front of every school in this country will prevent someone from breaking through the barriers if they truly wish to cause harm. That just happened the other day in my home town. Armed guard at the door, child with unloaded gun inside.

Someone wrote a comment in reply to a post about this most recent mass killing that there appears to be a connection between these killings and psychotropic drugs – indicating that this is not an easy situation based on current laws. There appears, actually, to be a stronger link between mass killings and AR-15s. Millions of men and women are on psychotropic drugs and yet only a handful (by comparison) of men are committing these acts.

To make the “situation easier”, let’s try prohibiting the sale of weapons of mass destruction, provide better access to healthcare for the mentally compromised, and teach every child (and adult) the repercussions of bullying and the value of acceptance. If all of that were in place we would not be mourning the fact that more than 400 people (mostly children) have been killed in this country while attending school and more that 150,000 children have been witness to that horrendous fact.

But rant all you want. Lament all you want. These incidents will continue to occur until we recognize that the answer to how we are supposed to live is not found in using violence to cure violence. The answer is found in how we react in the aftermath of these violent attacks. It is found in the outpouring of love, compassion and the need to comfort that we experience. Whether they are natural disasters or man made ones, this is the lesson we keep ignoring. Love until the hate disappears. Until we recognize it, begin to incorporate it into our daily lives, begin to impress it upon our officials and each other, NOTHING will change.

It’s time to change the story. Actually, it’s long past time.

And, in all seriousness, have you not yet seen how violence – in word and action – is destroying what is left of this planet? What role are you playing? When you think it through all the way to the end, what is it that you want? How will you help to bring peace to a planet that has lived from a place of hatred for so long? What are you actually doing besides reading posts like this?  Do you have the courage to truly love until the hate disappears? How many times will I need to talk and write about this until someone listens?

So, I will end this rare rant in prayer:

“God, please think through me, speak through me, act through me.”

I think I’m gonna need to repeat that a bit more often …

From my heart to yours,  Diane

16 thoughts on “…Until the Hate Disappears

  1. Diane, this is a hard one. In my studies of cognitive bias one of the things I learned is pertinent here. When we have a really hard question, like what causes these terrible killings, our human brain tries to answer the simpler one. In this case, the question we seem to want to answer is How do we ban/control guns? or How do we manage mental illness? These are important questions, but I don’t think they are THE question. “How do we stop these killings?” requires a multi-pronged, intensive, and serious effort on many fronts. And as you say, what are we willing to do? I’ve read about teachers who are trying to use unique tools to identify lonely children. I’ve read articles about a new way to approach guns through seeing their regulation from a public health perspective. But neither of these is enough unless action follows. So, I’m going to give some thought to more about what I can do. I can do my part–I can perform radical acts of empathy. I can think of the ways to help–but will matter is whether i actually DO them. Maybe my only actions will be one-to-one. Maybe it will be more. But it will be something.

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    1. As you, I have thought about this, Angela, nonstop over the past few days. One thing I keep coming back to is the Women’s March in January 2017 and what followed all of last year. Women marched and then began to really speak out and say enough is enough. The abusers began to fall by the wayside and solidarity for a right cause began to take shape. That work continues and, I believe, based on the number of women now stepping up to run for office, important changes will take place. This came to mind when I saw our children taking to the streets plans for another March – led by children! – taking form. I don’t know where all of this is going but I believe that when a group of people says Enough! miracles can happen. I believe that one-to-one change is imperative (it always has to start there!) I do also think we have to work together, but what does “together” look like?

      Most important, it’s important to keep the conversation going…so thank you for being a part of that!

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      1. I agree–keeping the conversation going is the start to making action happen. If it always dies down after the shock lessens nothing will change. We’ll be like the fish with a two second memory. And that’s just plain not long enough.

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  2. I’m with Angela on this one. To prevent mass shootings is a huge undertaking because there are many layers to the situation. We need stronger community interaction to prevent alienation, we need parents to be better parents and support their children, we need to keep assault weapons from being purchased by the general public. I’ve written a blog post about this same topic and I try to address some of the issues that could help. I get so upset when something like this occurs. I wish someone in power would get upset and do something about this situation

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    1. I agree, Lisa, that someone in power needs to do something. I think that we are the ones in power and our voices matter. Let’s keep the conversation going – it’s the only way that change will come!! Thank you for your thoughtful blog about this.

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  3. Like you, I want to do more than just empathize and pray. I think it is a multi-faceted problem that comes down to our sense of belonging and taking care of one another (or lack there of). As a society we are focused on taking care of ourselves rather than seeing ourselves as part of a much larger picture. As for the “do more” part, I work in a section of my town where violence and gang life are a serious issue. We recently had one middle school child kill his classmate. I have started attending community meetings to work on building up our community strengths and assets and helping to make plans for events that support these children so they feel like the belong and are valued. I know we want to focus on the victims when we see the horrific acts like this recent killing and I think that is so important. But my heart breaks for the shooter, as well, because I believe we as a society failed him, too. Whether it be through the access to guns, lack of mental health care, or simply the absence of meaningful relationship that every human being needs. I am hopeful through the work my community is doing we can reach all our children and avoid these tragedies.

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    1. Your work within your community is how change begins, Snuffy. Please continue to do that. If every one of us could impact positive change within our communities, the entire world would benefit. Thank you for stepping forward and stepping up. You are making a difference!


  4. josypheen

    I find the whole situation baffling, and difficult to comment on as a foreigner. I guess I always see posts about thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families, but you need so, so much more support than that!

    It seems to get more and more depressing with each year, and the gun lobbies just get stronger because there are so many people that vote according to this one issue.

    It seems like total madness from the outside. 😦

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    1. Yes, Josy, it is total madness from this view as well. It makes no sense except that greed seems to be ruling our country. That’s a horrifying statement to make but I believe it to be true. No longer can the people of the United States stand with our heads held high. Our children are dying and we must stop the madness. That will only happen with full participation in the process of change by every American. So, yes, surround us in prayer – we really do need that to always be a part of the process.

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  5. We cannot imagine the massive amount of courage and persistence it will take to stand up to the forceful militant gun mob … but it’s the only way to save lives! Start with ourselves but your laws over there need to change quickly

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