You Are Loved

You are Loved

I was bit late yesterday morning with my writing as I had an early morning appointment. When I settled into my office, I checked my phone to find a voicemail from someone very dear to me. She spoke about my work as a writer/blogger/thought-provoker (that last is mine, not hers 🙂 ) and the difference I have made in her life.

It is a voicemail I will cherish forever. It came at a moment when I needed it (doesn’t it always?) and I simply cried for a moment or two filled with gratitude for the gifts – both in written word and in the people who read them – that I have been blessed with. It is not always easy and I sometimes speak words I shouldn’t (as I did to my sweet, kind daughter last night when I was too tired to have a conversation). Stepping back into alignment with all that is good, changes everything and I remember that my purpose (as is yours) is simply to make a difference. A good, positive difference. A difference that says you are loved.

You are Loved. Remember that – please, whoever is reading this – remember that.

From my heart to yours, Diane



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