The Important Stuff

Some mormeditationnings (probably most mornings) I get out of bed with purpose. My list of things to accomplish is already organizing itself in my head (if you’re a Virgo, you understand…). Very methodical, but room for the unknown surprises. It’s really the way my life is.
Some mornings that list is lengthy and I begin to think about what can be eliminated or put off. This morning it was meditation….until I sat down to write.
As always, before writing, I start with one of my many books or podcasts (from the Bible to Kyle Cease) to help center myself. Lately, as you may have read here, it’s been Eva Bell Werber. There is very little known about her (at least that I can find) but she wrote 4 short books between 1936-1950. Lessons in how to live a life from within.  She is able to evoke feelings of peace within me through the words she channels.
Today’s lesson: “Fail Not To Meditate”.
…..Jaw dropped…eyes popped….and back to the cushion I went.
Start with gratitude, start with gratitude, start with gratitude.
From my heart to yours, Diane

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