Of Course

Deanna BluebirdPeople struggling is what is on my mind this morning. As I brought these folks into meditation with me and placed them gently on my heart I asked for guidance as to how I can best help. What is it that is mine to do to help those that I care about. I can be an ear, a shoulder. I can be strong words of warning or encouragement. I can be tough or gentle. I can be any and all of those things for the people I care about.
But I often feel it is not enough. So I asked – what is it that is mine to do?
No immediate response came, but tears did. I want everyone I love and care about to just be okay. I want them to be happy, to find joy in everything they do, to find peace at the end of the day. I am that person that will try to make you straighten up and fly right…and then want to be there to catch you if you fall.
But I can’t always be that person.
So after the tears flowed this morning and I continued to sit quietly, the words I spoke to a friend last evening and saw written this morning reverberated in my mind. I began to laugh. Of course, I thought, of course!
God’s got this. Of course, God’s got this!
There is nothing more I need to do but trust the process and know the journey of each of these people is being guided by the Power and the Grace that exists in all things. And I am grateful for the wisdom and the strength to know this truth.
From my heart to yours,  Diane
(photo credit:  Deanna Fleenor)

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