Savor Moments of Kindness

diane little girl

The doll in the lap of this little girl was purchased with cereal box tops. She was so excited to receive it and more excited when her Mom suggested that she put on her “matching” red dress so her Dad could take a picture of her and her beautiful new doll in front of the garden with the red flowers.

Simple joys remembered. Faded memories renewed. Maybe that comes with age or the turning of a calendar page into a new year. Maybe it’s a reminder to live a life that creates memories. What memories will you create in the next twelve months?

A resolution for the new year: As you close your eyes at night and your body begins to relax into sleep, think not a thought of despair, sorrow, regret or anger. Breathe into your relaxing body and think only of the kindness you experienced that day. Those are the memories worth savoring.

Happy 2018 from my little girl’s heart to yours, Diane

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