Changing Course

2017 CalendarAt the end of every year I like to take the calendar down off the kitchen wall and take a look back at what I’ve done throughout the year. Yes, I still use a kitchen calendar – in addition to my phone and Outlook calendars…if I miss something it will be because it never got put on a calendar in the first place! The kitchen calendar, however, is not a work calendar…

Now that the kids are grown and gone, there are no sport practices, chorus rehearsals, band practices, dances, after school work schedules, etc to fill it up. It is just “us” stuff. Coffees, lunches and dinners with friends, vacations, the necessary doctors’ appointments, and, of course, evening work meetings so that Dan will know when to expect me for dinner. All evidence of a life that is changing course.

But…it is still a busy one. The life of an extrovert being lived by an introvert. I wouldn’t trade my life because I love the work that I do. When I come home in the evening and close the door behind me, however, I do my best to leave my work on the other side of that wonderful red door. I deeply appreciate those that respect this, that allow me to have “my time”. Because we work together, it’s something that Dan and I truly honor. I can’t tell you how many times we have said to each other – “We can talk about that in the morning”.

On this side of that door, there is just us. The us that I write about on that kitchen calendar. The us that brings a deep sigh of contentment when we cross the threshold every evening. So, at the close of 2017, as I take down the kitchen calendar and put up a new one, I know I have so much to be grateful for. Mostly, though, I am grateful for this simple life.

A simple life. That is what I wish for each of you. Let 2018 be the year to fill your kitchen calendar with the things and the people you love. That is the essence of a simple life, a life that is changing course….

Have a safe and wonderful last day of the year.

From my heart to yours,  Diane


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