It’s Okay to Let Go

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My yoga and meditation partners.❤️💕❤️
I really needed them this morning. They sense that. One on either side of me: Lucy on a meditation bench and Turbo on the yoga mat as I sat in the silence.
Last evening I said a final goodbye to a sweet friend. When she was going through her treatments and unable to drive, I would occasionally take her teenage son to practices. He stood last night in gratitude for his Mom, so eloquent, so full of love. He seems to have been given the tools to stand on his own. My prayer for him and his sister is that they hold onto those lessons and that they know the heart of their Mother will forever be with them.Image may contain: cat
That is the best we can hope for as parents. We pray we have given our children the tools they need to stand on their own, to always treat others with respect and, most importantly, to think for themselves and make wise decisions that will spur them forward. There are times when we doubt the work we have done. It is at those times that we need to hear the voice within us gently telling us to Let Go. It is okay to Let Go. It is necessary to let them fly and stumble and fly and, yes, stumble again.
And when the stumbling becomes too much to bear, our Mother’s (and Father’s) heart will be right there with them. Forever.
The Light of God surrounds you
The Love of God enfolds you
The Power of God protects you
The Presence of God watches over you
Wherever You are God is.
                   James Dillet Freeman
From my heart to yours,  Diane


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