In the Hour Before Dawn

December 2017 Snow

In this hour before dawn, it’s still snowing in Atlanta. This is the first snow in 23 years that really reminds me of New York. It is absolutely beautiful outside!

The power came back on in the middle of the night. As I walked around the house, putting candles back, I said a prayer of gratitude. We have a lovely little home with all the essentials available to us – even in an emergency. Blankets, wood for a fire, candles, games that were played by candlelight. Our loved ones were safe and our biggest concern was the ice cream that would melt (so we ate it). We are blessed and grateful.

Then I turned my phone back on and read the following post from my son, Danny. “Can anyone in Marietta open their door and heart to keep a gentleman off the street tonight? I would take him in but my dog would flip out, he’s a good honest man and no one deserves to be without shelter tonight.” One of Danny’s friends quickly stepped up and said yes.

And I remembered the story my daughter, Meghan, told the other day when she had a flat tire and was waiting on Geico to arrive. An employee of the restaurant she was stuck in front of came out and changed her tire. In gratitude, she gave him $20 to which he replied, “Thanks, I’d like to use this to buy dinner for someone here tonight.”

In this world where an incredible amount of attention is paid to what is wrong, there is so much more that is right. My deepest desire is that we all take time to recognize that – often. Recognize it, talk about it, write about it – share those stories instead of the ones we don’t want to read. The story is changing – so what role will you play?

For me, at this moment, I am grateful to be the Mom of children who recognize the importance of paying it forward. Yes, grateful for that and for candles, blankets, Yahtzee, Scrabble and ice cream that didn’t get a chance to melt.

Maybe we’ll build a snowman today. Be safe, be warm, be kind.

From my heart to yours, Diane

Maple dressed in Snow

(The same maple in the morning light)



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