Through These Eyes

When I look out upon the world there is much duality: right/wrong, life/death, dark/light. It’s the lens through which we see our lives. On this plane, duality does exist and, in my opinion, it’s ridiculous to ignore it. Just look around. Hatred has been rearing it’s ugly head for a long time now even while love is the language many of us try to speak. Poverty is everywhere and appears to be getting worse even while we talk about those who make millions and keep it to themselves. Duality creates a challenging world – a world in which there seems to be no true solution.
The world I look out upon changes dramatically when I look through the eyes of God. Through these eyes there is no duality. There is nothing but pure understanding that everything is happening exactly as it is meant to. I see the world in it’s ever-changing pattern and begin to understand that in all of what I see only one thing exists. As I look through the eyes of God, I no longer see anything as a problem or a solution. When I look through this different lens, the world looks and behaves differently. What I experience, while very real on the human plane, no longer disturbs me. Every time I open my eyes to the Spirit that lives and breathes as me, my world become miraculous. Only good exists through these eyes.
Each step along this path brings me closer to this understanding. In my fully human state, mistakes are made, words are said that I wish to pull back and decisions made that, maybe, will have bitter consequences. In my fully spiritual state, these same things become lessons recognized and I take a step forward knowing that I am one step closer to fully seeing this world through God’s eyes.
A world in which duality isn’t even a word.
From my heart to yours, Diane

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