Angels All Around

car-1840259_1920I was driving home last night from a meeting and stopped at a traffic light. A car drove up along side me and the man was waving, trying to get my attention. At first I ignored him because it was late, dark and I was alone in my car. However, he persisted in trying to get my attention so I cautiously rolled down my window a little. He apologized for bothering me but wanted to let me know that I had no tail lights. He had been behind me for a while but didn’t see my car until I hit my brakes at a prior intersection.  I was so taken aback!  I had just driven a good 6-7 miles with no tail lights and no trouble indicator light had come on inside my car!

The concern for my safety was so evident in this man’s eyes and face as he told me how he followed me so no one would hit me. I thanked him and began to fumble around trying to figure out why this had happened and trying to find the button for my emergency lights. When I turned them on, I looked up to thank him and he gave me a huge smile and a thumbs up and drove away.

Gratitude!  We live in a time where we often ignore strangers, where we hesitate to respond to requests for help because, well, “you never know” who this person might really be. Bullying, fear, angry, and sometimes violent, responses are all around us and it causes us to put fear before kindness. So, yes, I am grateful for this experience. Grateful for this angel that took the time to protect a stranger. Grateful for the Spirit within me that said to roll down your window and trust. Grateful that I figured out how to use my emergency lights to get myself safely home. Grateful that my lights are now working again.

Yes, there are always angels among us. We simply need to begin to trust again. How will you show up today?

From my heart to yours, Diane

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