Yesterday I had two heartfelt conversations about people and how we react to the things they have “done” to us. One spoke about being slighted by a loyal friend whose words, while unintentional, were hurtful.  The other was a discussion about the horrors of the Holocaust and the impact one man had on the entire planet. While unrelated in content to the “Me, too” trend currently appearing throughout SM, the timing of these conversations and this trend is interesting.
This is hard. There is no manual or guidebook that makes it easy to forgive people for the stupid, painful, cruel things they say or do. There is no easy way to forgive someone who has done something so horrific it takes your breath (and part of your life or the life of someone else) away. It is easier to hate these people for what they have done and easier to find the words to describe that hatred. Yes, it is hard and many of us can’t understand the idea of forgiveness in these situations. 
Yet, each of us is Divine. Each of us is the same – one and the same with the Spirit that guides everything. Beneath the horror, the perceived evil, the unkind words or thoughts, God lives. If this is true (and many of you, when injured, begin to doubt it) how can God “allow” these things to happen? 
Spirit is in each of us. Always. What we see on the surface is the result of individual experience and individual choice. Choice is, indeed, something we were given. Remember – we are ALL made in the image and likeness. This includes choice. At any moment, we can choose something that will cause us to step off our personal path – to step outside “ourselves”. These things can change the human self dramatically causing us to do things that confound us and those around us. How many times in your life have you said “What was I thinking?” or “What was he/she/they thinking?”  In these moments we have stepped off our path and we have a choice on how to move forward. A choice that may change our human lives forever.
It cannot change our Divinity. That is what is so hard to understand. What you see on the outside is only the illusion created by the missteps we take along our path. It is our human self – the self that God has given us the free will to design. Beneath it all, however, Spirit is still there patiently, quietly waiting. It is recognized in the whisper of “What was I thinking”. It is peacefully surrounding you in love. You feel it. You know that within you there is something special. It is waiting for you to step back on the path and to bring your soul back into alignment with the spirit that created it. Waiting, peacefully, for you to recognize that this same Divinity that exists in you, exists everywhere.
Everywhere. No exceptions.  This is where I start.
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:24 .   
From my heart to yours, Diane

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