Conscious Life Journal – AGAIN!

CLJ SeptOct-2017

The journey continues. Once again, I am beyond excited to be included in this beautiful magazine. Just beginning it’s second year, Conscious Life Journal is a magazine for today. Easily read from cover to cover, the articles and the writers are passionate about learning to live peacefully in this chaotic world. I, and many others, are grateful to Founder and Publisher, Hope Merrill, for her vision, her passion and her dedication to the belief that we are all one.  I congratulate her and her team on their first, very successful, year of sharing that passion. Please visit their website Conscious Life Journal

This is my fourth article for CLJ and, again, I am grateful for the opportunity to write about my passion – learning to live as God intended for me to live. For us all to live. Many of us are finding our way to the Spirit of our being, but often can’t seem to “live” there. When we recognize, even fleetingly, that there truly is a space within our hearts, our souls, where this incredible energy lives and breathes as us, we are often overwhelmed by the experience.  We loose our breath for a moment, shake ourselves and ask, “What was that? Was that IT??

Then it’s gone.

We go back to our lives and the memory fades only to be touched again and again so briefly that we are never quite sure if it was just imagination at work.

My suggestion is this:  Spend more time there. Make it part of your every day, just like brushing your teeth. Just like breathing.  Here, read the article….

Garden of Your Heart pg1 CLJ

Garden of Your Heart pg2 CLJ

Keep trying…God is there. Really. You have my promise.

From my heart to yours,  Diane

I would love to offer you a free copy of Conscious Life Journal.  Please click the link below. 

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