What a Nice Surprise!

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Sundays are busy days for me. I (along with my business partner and Minister, Richard Burdick and a whole lot of other folks) run a church. Sundays are definitely busy and don’t lend much time to write let alone respond to emails. Typically on these days, after morning meditation, I will check my social media accounts, write my Thought for the Day, give a quick look at my mail and go get ready for work. Yesterday, however, in my mail I was surprised to find that I had been nominated for “The Unique Blogger Award”. Well, that stopped me in my tracks for a moment!  How exciting!  As someone new to blogging, to receive recognition from a fellow blogger means something. It means a lot.

I write because I love to and I write because I think I have a different perspective on life than many. I am grateful whenever the two connect with those that read my pages. Being awarded for it has never crossed my mind. So this is a very nice surprise! Thank you, Lacy!  Please check out her site – Adventures of a Busy Mom ! It has great stuff for everyone and it’s a site that I keep going back to learn the “how-tos” of blogging.

So, here’s the deal:

The Rules:

  •  Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  •  Answer the questions.
  •  In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.

Here are the questions Lacy asked me:

  • What is your goal in blogging? Who do you hope to reach?

I believe that many people are on a journey to understand their place in this universe. We try to understand God (or even believe in God) and wonder why this life is so challenging at times. My writing is my quest to go deeper into that spiritual journey for myself. Doing so, I have found, touches something in others. We are all in this together. Maybe, through my writing and your reading, we can learn together. So those that I reach are those that have questions, those that want to live this life more peacefully and are willing to keep learning.

  • What is your favorite past time outside of blogging? What defines you?

I have a very busy, time-consuming, full time role as the Executive Director of my Spiritual Community, Unity North Atlanta.  Much of my passion for service is based here in this place. So my free time is spent writing or with my husband, Dan, and/or our (grown) kids or my girlfriends. Movies, books, walks, long talks, meals – being together with people I care about and am comfortable with is what matters most. Oh, and the beach. I must have at least one beach trip every year. Yep, must have that.

What defines me is my need, also, for quiet. I actually call it “going quiet”. More than spending time in meditation, I need silence. Closing off the world for a while brings me back to center. Those that know and love me understand my need for this. I am grateful for that.

  • Share with us your favorite inspirational quote

This quote is painted on the wall of my office. It was given to me by a friend when I first accepted the role. I believe it captures who I am.

Tagore quote

I am a relatively new blogger, so I seek out blogs that help me to do this better. I also like writers who are on a journey and have a love of humor. Here are my Nominations:

The Phil Factor

Scale It Simple

For The Interested

Mind Over Meta

E. Denise Billups

Suzie Speaks

But I Smile Anyway

You Can Always Start Now

Thinking Clearly

Here are my three questions:

  • What is the best part of blogging for you and, the most challenging?
  • What inspires you and what makes you crazy?
  • What advice would your heart offer to your mind?

Well, this has been fun! Again, I am grateful for the recognition and grateful even more to share with you the work of other writers.

From my heart to yours, Diane

Tagore quote painted by Sonia Osio


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