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Each day, on and off, for many years, I have written a “Thought for the Day”. Some of the more recent ones are under the “Thoughts” tab here and others are saved for that day when I finally decide on whether to put them into book form.

These thoughts often reflect where I am in my life, what’s going on right now. It’s a way for me to flesh out what it is I need to do to become more deeply aligned with my spiritual being. Living a human life from a spiritual place.

Here is my Thought for today:

In the midst of this busy, busy world with all its pressures and demands there is a point at which I let go. A point at which I say, “Spirit, I give this to you. I can handle no more.”

My deepest desire is to never have to speak those words again and to live so deeply with the Spirit of my Being that my human life is a mirror of the Spirit within and not the world without.

In recent weeks I have found myself reflecting the behavior of someone I do not wish to emulate. It has been interesting to observe this from both a human and a spiritual perspective.  My reactions to this person’s behavior have been strong and negative. What is being said and done is so contrary to what I believe and yet, by my reaction, I am in some ways emulating that behavior.

I had to sit with that for a while. (Yes, my meditation room has gotten a really good workout lately.)

The wondrous thing about living and breathing spiritual work is that when situations like this arise, I have the knowledge to recognize it much sooner.  With some chagrin, I released the anger, hurt, disappointment, separation, frustration (yeah….there was a lot of releasing going on….a lot).

Bit by bit, peace returned. Amazingly (I say with some sarcasm), so did clarity. This was simply another lesson of comparison. Life lived outside of Spirit is a life lived in turmoil. I had been reflecting the work that others are in the midst of, as a means of showing me what no longer serves me. It is why it felt all wrong to experience this now. It no longer fits with who I am. A loud, clear message to me that I had stepped back into a world I had left behind. A message that said the work you need to do is before you.

The work I need to do is to learn to be peace in the midst of turmoil – no matter what memories are brought forth.

And, so, my work continues. I return within to the Spirit of my Being and use the tools I have been given to live this life peacefully.

Reflecting Spirit, always and in all ways.

From my heart to yours,  Diane

photo courtesy of Nancy Rohrig



6 thoughts on “Reflections

    1. Thank you – the photo was taken by a wonderful friend. It’s stunning! I have been meditating for many years and, still, to this day find that sometimes my mind is just too busy. But when I can truly center myself in the quiet, my world becomes more peaceful and more focused. Simply sit quietly for a few minutes a day and see what happens. 😊


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