It’s a Thing…Really, it is…


I took one of those odd FB quizzes recently that says that I am more of a left-brain person. Those that have known me in my work environments would probably agree with that. I do tend to over-analyze stuff, asking a bunch of “what if” type questions. The need to picture the end result and how you get there is important to me. Check and double check. Drives some folks crazy because they just want to get things done and figure the details out along the way…

Then there is this. The writing. Is this a left brain activity or is it more a right brain, creative pursuit? I want to believe it is creative. My little corner of the market on art and inspiration. Words carefully chosen for the best, most thoughtful, impact. Reread, edited and flowing into perfection….

…OMG! I analyze my own thoughts! Seriously!? No wonder I got 63% left brain inclined on that stupid test!


Creatively left-brained….is that even a thing? 

Enjoy this day, my dear friends, and find some time to laugh at yourself.

From my heart to yours, Diane

 Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

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