Perfect Harmony

Deanna's Feather in the Sand

In our search for understanding of this “light within” we hang on the words of gifted teachers believing that if we just listen hard enough, if we sit in just the right position, with just enough silence and practice over and over again the steps to enlightenment that they offer us, we will find God.

I am grateful for the many teachers who have walked this path with me. I, truly, have learned much from each of them. But I will not find God through any of them. I will not find God by reading another book, listening to another lecture, attending another workshop. No one has the power to “give” God to me.

God is right where I am. It is who I am in the stillness. It is who I am in the giving. An equal measure of both. A perfect harmony of self.

The same is true for you. You are your own teacher. Each step into this world that you take contains every tool you need. It is all right here with no need to reach for something that feels unattainable.

There is nothing to attain. You are Spirit. You are God. You are the living, breathing Truth.

You are the teacher. You are the student. In the receiving and in the giving. In the peace and in the chaos.  You came here to teach and to learn. You brought with you  lessons unique to you and you will take with you new tools to share when you move on.

Let your next teacher be you

Live in perfect harmony with yourself and you will awaken to the truth that there is no separation between you and God. You are One and the Same.

From my heart to yours,   Diane

photo courtesy of Deanna Fleenor

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