Gently, Please

Live your life gently.jpg

When you stop paying so much attention to something, it’s control over you begins to disappear. I have found this to be true in my finances (stop checking your balance – you already know what’s in there…or not in there), my relationships (stop trying to make them work “your” way), and my spiritual practice (so you meditated 5 minutes instead of 20. OMG!)

Stop. Stop forcing things. Learn to accept (this is my new word thanks a sweet spiritual guide I know) and not force, control or spend hours and hours trying to understand.

Gently live your life. Stay on your path. Let the goodness that lies in all situations gently rise to the surface and show you a simpler way to live.


From my heart to yours, Diane

15 thoughts on “Gently, Please

  1. I like how all of this is phrased! With my psych major, everything I read tends to be quite clinical. But this advice is free-flowing and easy to understand – live gently. Don’t force things. Let it be.

    I love it!


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