The Music of Your Morning

Danny in a tree

Today your life may look anything but harmonic, but, internally, where it matters most, there is pure, sweet music. There is perfection coming from the sound within.

Where it matters most.

As you opened your eyes this morning, where did your thoughts turn? To the day ahead and the many things left unresolved from yesterday? Did you feel sadness because it’s “the same old song”?

There is a prayer within you for something better, a different awakening, a different way to wake up.

Wake up with the perfect sound of gratitude. Don’t think of what you have to do. Whisper, instead, a prayer of gratitude for the heart that beats and the breath that brings you life and allow yourself to be fed from where it matters most.

‘God, please think through me, speak through me, act through me in every moment.’

Let this be the chorus of your life.

From my heart to yours, Diane

And here is a bit of music that is very special to me…

video courtesy of Unity North Atlanta

photo courtesy of Danny Glynn

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