Why, oh Why?!?

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You are beginning to find peace in your life. You have learned the power of the breath, the power of prayer, the power of letting go.

And then it happens. One word, one gesture, one thing out of place and your peaceful existence is shot to hell.

Well, then. That sucks.

Choice time: Rant or Breathe?

Ranting is just a cover story that hides the truth. Breathe and ask yourself why. Why did this bother you so much? Breathe and keep asking until you discover the root cause. It may take a minute or may take years but you will know when you get there. Your breath will stop as you feel the shock of that discovery. Breathe!

Asking why until you have an answer means that you may have to ask why a hundred times before you understand the things that trigger unkind reactions. To live a peaceful life this is a necessary step and it’s one that you will always do. A peaceful life is not a life without trial. It is, however, a life where the trials are short-lived because you have reached an understanding of their cause and effect.

Years ago, in my training in Lean and Six Sigma, the “5-whys” were an all important step to resolving issues. The same holds true when trying to develop a peaceful life. The things that irk us the most are the things we must question and keep questioning until we have answers. Do it gently and be open to hearing the answers. You will get there, I promise. If you are not familiar with the process, here is an example from the world of business that can also be applied to your life.

In order to live peacefully in a chaotic world, you must be willing to look at – and understand – the things that appear as obstacles to the peace you seek.

Here’s another example, just for fun. Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes


The flat tire why may still be unresolved, but it still made me laugh!Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

Keep asking why. The answer may surprise you.

From my heart to yours, Diane ❤️

photo courtesy of Pixabay

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