A Single Cell

Oil In Water, Oil Eye, Liquid, Abstract

I have had several discussions of late about the word ‘God’.  Interestingly enough, but not really surprising, is how it strikes the chord it strikes in some people.  Many people struggle with the reality of God.  If it’s not tangible, it’s not real. Those that doubt feel justified in their belief that God is not real. Certainly, hearing voices simply means I’m crazy and has nothing to do with “God speaking to me”.  God is just a story made up to control people.  It’s just a myth, an aery-fairie way of looking at life.  If God exists, where is he when I need him most!? Where is He when disaster strikes?

We often scoff at what we cannot physically see or feel.  Remember reading that the earth was once thought of as flat?  I’m sure it made sense.  All you need to do is look toward the horizon – it doesn’t ‘look’ very round.  More often than not, there is more than the eye can see or the mind can understand.  More often than not, we can only comprehend that which our five senses can tell us.

Let’s look at it differently. Think about that feeling of deju vu.  The shadow that passes at the edge of your peripheral vision. The coincidences.  The changes in your body and your demeanor when you “take a deep breath”.  The pet that can sense what you cannot.  The list is endless.  Rarely do we connect any of this to God. Doing so means that we are not in control.

Guess what? We’re not.

God is not a someone or a something. God is the energy of everything: The millions of years that is takes to form a pebble. The changing colors of the sky. The human act of creation that leads to the first heartbeat of a child. The fluttering of an eyelash. The ant that carries ten times his weight for miles and miles. The thought that believed that information could travel the planet through space – in an instant. The complex, magnificent human body! All scientifically explainable, but where did the science originate?

You are but a single cell in the body of the Universe. It is committed to continue creating whether you call it God or not.

Something to think about as your heart continues to beat.

From my heart to yours,  Diane

photo courtesy of Pixabay






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