Total Grace

Masks, Field, Nature, Tree

Standing on the precipice of vulnerability with one foot over the cliff’s edge, holding your breath, ready to fall into a well of the unknown, do you take the step? Or do you pull back, step back, and allow the world to continue to see the mask you wear.

What are you protecting? How long can you walk in silence before the discomfort of the mask causes you to weep.

Walk back to that precipice, take a breath, take off your mask, open your arms. Allow yourself to take that step and fall. You will be surprised to find that, once you open your heart, the fall begins to feel more like floating.

As you gently float, glance around you. Many have been waiting for this moment. This one moment when you say, “Here I am, Lord. This is who I am.”

And then you fly.

From my heart to yours,  Diane

photo courtesy of Pixabay

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