Yes, this is Faith


Sea, Water, Feet, Sandals, Flip Flops

We hang on. Well past the point of saying “This is just not good for me” we continue to hang on. Relationships, jobs, health situations, homes, spending habits. We are so afraid of change that we will tie ourselves to the proverbial post trying to prevent the inevitable. The fear of the unknown can be so great that we prevent ourselves from ever moving forward. Then we wonder why life sucks.

Why, indeed.

There is a moment when you know that there is something better, some better way of living this life. There are actually many moments like this, many opportunities to begin to do it differently. All is takes is a moment of bravery to say “I want that”.  The miracle begins at this point – the point of willingness. The point of being willing to take the chance without knowing what the next step looks like.

When you begin to put your faith into something greater than the physical world around you, you are saying to yourself and to the Universe that you believe you are stronger than your circumstances. You begin to trust in a power greater than you. That power will begin to carry you forward and open doors that you knew were there, but were too frightened to open.  Fear begins to taper off and you begin to feel differently. Yes, this is faith. An amazing energy surrounding all of us, just waiting for our hearts to open to the power of opportunity.

Remember that this starts with recognizing the moment you know there is, truly, something better waiting for you. Bring yourself into prayer at these moments. Ask to be guided, to be given the strength to step forward. This is the work you are supposed to do. Nothing more. Simply ask for guidance and know that, by asking, you are activating the energy of opportunity bringing it closer to your heart. Ideas will begin to form and you begin to feel a little excitement within. And so it begins.

Be willing to take the step that frightens you the most. Be willing to take the step and your steps will be guided. With a prayer and a promise a new way of living is waiting for you.

 From my heart to yours,  Diane
photo courtesy of Pixabay

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