Spiraling Upward

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The news is not getting any better, the social media comments are getting worse, the world appears to be in a downward spiral and no one really seems to know what to do. Many say it can be traced back to one event. I think that this has been a long time coming. We are just waking up….

It is very, very easy to comment on what you would like to see happen because you believe you have the answers. It’s very easy to vent and to point fingers and to demand change through social media. But what is the result of that?

What’s a bit more worthy is affecting positive change through action. Writing letters, signing petitions, canvassing and marching, attending rallies and reaching hands across the aisles and across the water and borders. Grassroots movement coursing through our neighborhoods – it’s having an effect.

And then there are those that stand up to adversity – face to face at the risk of life. Putting yourself in harm’s way or working shoulder to shoulder to clean up the damage when harm has already come – yes, the world has come to this.

The revolution has begun.

But, wait. There is one more thing. There is something that affects change in more ways than anything else you have tried.

Prayer. Collective prayer. Prayer that asks for nothing but peace. No agenda. No prayers for retribution, retaliation, results. Prayer that simply and cleanly and clearly allows God to do God’s work.

God is patiently waiting. Waiting for us to be quiet and listen.

If you are in the Atlanta area, please, come join us this evening at 8 pm at Unity North Atlanta.  Prayer. We will leave everything outside the doors and step into our Sanctuary with only one word: Peace.

No matter where on this planet you are, you can join us. And here is the most important message of this post: It doesn’t have to start at 8 pm this evening. It can start right now. Right now. Right where you are. Each prayer for peace whispered on the wind, connecting from the heart and spiraling upward.

And the change begins.

From my heart to yours, Diane


photo courtesy of Pixabay

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