Peaceful Stay


First day of staycation.  Enjoying the beauty of my backyard and quietly ignoring the invasive ivy that needs pushing back. There’s always tomorrow or the next day for that. Today I will simply sit. And write. Writing is never work. Writing truly is a reprieve from the daily work of daily operations. My work is never mundane, and, indeed, it fills my soul – but not quite like this does. A keyboard and thoughts of a gentle life. Yes, this is what truly, deeply fills my soul.

How do you balance your life? Amidst the carpools, traffic stalls, business interactions, meal preps, after work meetings or studies – what fills you on a soul level? What is your practice of peace?


As you read this, take a moment and take a breath. Peace. It’s everywhere. In every conversation and in every thought, peace resides. Always there, in every breath you take. Peace. Simply waiting to be noticed, peace makes everything we do worthwhile.

You often feel, I know, that there is no room for quiet in your busy, busy mind. That’s okay. Let your mind do what your mind does. Let your breath be your center of peace. The more you practice this, the quieter your mind will become.  But, really, pay no attention to what is happening to the incessant chattering inside your head. It will always be there and will always be ready to bring you up to speed when you decide to return. You’re not missing anything by closing the door for a little while. The ivy can wait. We have more important things to do.

camilia (2)

Focus here – on this word:


And this one:


And this one:


And this one:


Peace. It can happen anywhere. All you need to do is breathe.

From my heart to yours, Diane





4 thoughts on “Peaceful Stay

  1. angelanoelauthor

    This was beautiful! I did take a nice deep breath as I read. A bird called and the wind blew. I instantly felt the wonderful expansion of air in my body and a lovely moment of peace. Thanks for the post!


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