First Impressions


First impressions.  Is this a flea market? A modern art display? The musings and creations of an eccentric? Room after room of wonder.  Folk art on steroids. My eyes can’t capture it all.  Old microwaves and antique fans in the midst of modern art and glass bottle walls. Color everywhere.


Some things just appear to be bizarre.  A flea market that goes beyond imagination. Every corner turned makes you stop….and look quizzically at what is in front of you. Hours spent wandering, fighting flies and fleas in the heat of summer in Holden Beach, SC.

And then we meet Mary. Mary of “Mary’s Gone Wild”.  And we understand. First impressions are usually correct.  Here is the proof.  Meet Mary.

Eccentric, yes. Interesting, absolutely. Mary, like all of us, has a story to tell. Her’s is told in the work she does – this funky place on a dusty highway – to make a difference in our world.  She is magical, colorful, true to herself.


I met her only once, and only briefly, two years ago. First impression? Yep, she made a lasting one!

Go visit Mary next time you’re driving the East Coast. Weird, funky store owned by a weird, funky lady.  Can’t get much better than that.

From my heart to yours,  Diane

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