Looking through Spirit’s Eyes


The deeper I drift into this world where Spirit lives, the more I find myself stopping mid-sentence.

My two worlds are becoming one – as it was meant to be, I am sure. It is unnerving, however, as I catch myself beginning to speak words that are unkind or judgmental. It’s as if I am, simultaneously, seeing the Spirit and the Human in someone.  My words no longer feel comfortable as I speak them and so I stop.  Folks look at me as if to say, “Spit it out, girl! Finish what you were saying!”

This is temporary, I am sure. I am no longer adrift, floating between these two worlds. I am not in one more than the other. They are becoming one and I am, albeit slowly, learning how that works. I am learning how to live this human life looking through Spirit’s eyes.

Wow, just…wow.

Scary, wondrous, mesmerizing.  Here I am. Open, aware and ready to move forward.

I am grateful for every experience, no matter how weird it feels or how oddly it manifests to others.  I am evolving. The simple fact that I recognize this as it is occurring is actually very cool and, yes, very scary.


Knowing I am not alone, I am ready for what’s next.

From my heart to yours,  Diane

photo courtesy of pixabay

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