Coming Together


Yesterday, on the way to a fundraiser, traffic came to a sudden stop less than a mile from our home.  We couldn’t immediately see what was going on as there was a truck in front of us.  Then, off to the left, there was an SUV crashed onto the curb with a woman slumped over the wheel. Without thinking we stopped and went to help.

The doors were locked. The engine was racing as her foot was apparently stuck on the gas pedal causing the wheels to begin to smoke.  I called 911 as people began jumping out of their cars to help. Some directed traffic while others were trying to find a way into her car. Suddenly someone placed a sledgehammer in my husband’s hands.  He started smashing the passenger window so they could unlock the door.  Once the door was open, someone removed her foot from the gas and shut the ignition off. She started to come around, but it was obvious that she had an internal head injury or some other medical issue as she was not fully comprehending anything. While we waited for first responders to arrive, someone stayed with her to keep her still as the rest of us held a silent, prayerful vigil.  In the midst of all this, the 911 operator was the calm in my personal storm telling me what to do, what was happening and asking me questions to keep me focused.

The first responders began arriving and we all stepped back to let them take control. We went to move our car as it was blocking traffic and realized there was nothing more that we could do.  Heading to our fundraiser, we found ourselves physically shaking -adrenaline aftermath had taken hold.  We sat for a minute, went in and gave our apologies and headed home. Neither of us said very much as we processed what had just happened.  I’ll never know for sure, but I believe she will be okay.

Do me a favor.

Return to the second paragraph of this story and reread it.  “…people began jumping out of their cars to help.”  “We all stayed with her…”  Total strangers working together in a time of need. Black, white, Latino, men, women, and probably liberals and conservatives. In those moments, none of that mattered. No one descended into controversy. Nothing mattered but saving a life.

Coming together, as one, to serve humanity. This is what we are meant to do. Until my last breath I will repeat this message.  My prayer is that we will not have to continue to have the tragedy in order to see the good.

From my heart to yours, Diane

photo courtesy of pixabay




10 thoughts on “Coming Together

  1. I am sorry to hear what happened, Diane. Not pleasant at all when something goes wrong on the road. But it was lovely to read how you and so many others selfless went to the woman’s aid – perhaps even putting your lives at risk at all. It is in moments like these when we realise that life can be so…small and precious. And that there is good in everyone of us. Hope the woman is okay and you and everyone else are okay too. Take care and stay safe.

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    1. Thank you, Mabel. I am grateful that I was able to bear witness, once again, to the innate goodness of humanity. It is what we need to focus on, yes?

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      1. Agreed. The more we help others and focus on positivity, the world will be a better place. The world needs that now, every time, any day.

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  2. mumsthewordblog1 May 20, 2017 — 12:34 pm

    Sad to read of the circumstances,but heartwarming to read of those wanting to help. It is often in the face of tragedy that we see the best of humanity come to the fore 😊🐻

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  3. I agree. If only we could each recognize this and learn that coming together in service is how we are meant to live. Thank you for reading.


  4. It’s moments such as these that send chills down my body as it reminds me there is so much good in humanity and people as individuals don’t care about the “crap” but care about each other. It’s such an affirmation to witness this kind of caring.


    1. I agree. What a different world it will be as more of us begin to live in a sea of kindness and generosity!


      1. Indeed. We see it in minuscule pieces but how much better if it were a worldwide condition! as in didn’t requite thought, just deed.


  5. After my horrific accident on the Motorway in February, I can only say I agree with you. It doesn’t matter who, but the coming together that is the most important thing that counts at times like these. Well done for caring enough to stop. still, nowadays, there are plenty who wouldn’t…


  6. These are the sort of stories we need to hear right now, Diane. I hope that it is true that in a given situation, most people will come together to help each other.


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