hands holding

Don’t be afraid. As you take step after step forward, you are not alone. You are never alone. Grace walks this path with you. Indeed, and without doubt, Grace is the path, Grace is you.

Gently place your foot upon the ground and know that you are truly One with all that is. From the blade of grass to the star in the night sky, from the hand into which you place yours as you pray, to the tear you shed for what is no more – Grace is there.

You are never alone. Grace is in me as it is in you. Together we will walk this path and know the splendid beauty that is in every moment. Place your hand in mine, in prayer, in peace, in blessing.  Feel the energy, the Grace, that moves between us.  It weaves its way from my fingertips to yours and courses through us allowing our souls to be as One.

Grace.  The word breathes love. It speaks through my heart and releases a gentleness of spirit that permeates each cell of my body.  What it does for me, it does for you.  Allow it. Enjoy it. Let it bring peace into each cell of your being.

Grace. The Grace of you and me. The Grace of One.

From my heart to yours, Diane

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