Stepping Off


Precipice? The word that I have been using to describe where I am right now? Where my work is? The country is? The planet?

Standing on this precipice my stomach tightens and my mind locks.  Deep within me something monumental is trying to emerge. It is life changing and I keep wondering if I’m ready.  I wake in the middle of the night knowing that, while I sleep, I am being prepared. 

Prepared for what? This precipice is not frightening to me – why is that? Shouldn’t I be afraid? Shouldn’t I be trying to protect my safe little world, return to my cocoon?  Isn’t that the wise thing to do?

And yet I continue to be propelled forward to focus more intently on what is emerging. There is wonder here and I feel excitement instead of fear. In the midst of chaos there is calm. 

And the calmness continues as I step off this precipice and float gently into my awakening.

I am ready.

From my heart to yours, Diane

photo courtesy of pixabay


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