Breath Collaboration

Breathe it In

Take a breath. Come back to center.  It’s all okay.

This is my reminder when the shock (and it’s always a shock) of something in my carefully planned world moves out of alignment and shows me that not everything is controllable. That gut-tightening feeling of “Good Lord, I did NOT see that coming!” The good thing, though is that feeling no longer lingers. I have finely tuned the tools I have been gathering for years so that I can more easily clear away the muck and debris that living in a world of chaos stirs up. I breathe, bring my thoughts to my heart and begin to collaborate with the Spirit within to bring me back to center again.  It’s all okay.

Still, there is that moment or two of hesitation – that gut-tightening feeling that I mentioned.  This is where the lessons live.  What am I learning or ignoring in that moment?  And what is the danger if I choose to ignore what just happened?

Each breath brings clarity. In the midst of chaos that first, focused, breath can be almighty powerful. It can bring me to my knees and, quite often, does. It is the breath of truth. The one that says don’t ignore this.  Keep focusing on the breath, on my heart and allow clarity back into the picture. My breath “clears the air” and puts me back on my comfortable path enabling me to think more clearly.  No matter the situation, the more focus that is placed here, the clearer I can see what I am supposed to do.

My breath is my life. It brings oxygen to my blood and it connects each cell.  Every breath I breathe has the life of the universe contained within it. Every exhale adds my life, my energy, my state of being to the wind. This is responsibility. This is opportunity. This brings me to where I need to be.

And I cherish it.

From my heart to yours, Diane

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